Sleep is a very important part of leading a healthy life. A good night of sleep can do wonders for your body and mind. But improper sleeping posture or a bad mattress can cause problems. If you already have back pain, sleeping on the wrong kind of mattress can exasperate the problem. It is very much recommended to invest in a good mattress because you are investing in good sleep and your health. What are the mattress options if you already have back pain? This article will focus on that particular question.

So we know that sleeping on the wrong type of mattress can worsen your back pain. The solution is mattresses that are ergonomically designed to encourage good sleeping posture, relaxes muscles and provides healthy satisfying sleep. A mattress’s comfort is very subjective so there is no such thing as a perfect mattress. Choose a mattress that compliments your natural sleeping posture.

Research and studies show what to keep in mind when shopping for a mattress according to your sleeping posture.

  • A mattress has to be firm enough to support your back especially if you are a back-sleeper but also it has to be soft enough to adjust to your body’s shape. A very firm mattress tends to push against your spine while a very soft mattress does not have enough support. For back sleepers, the ideal mattress would be a medium firm mattress.
  • For side sleepers, a softer mattress is recommended as the extra softness is able to cushion your arms and shoulders.
  • Stomach sleepers are recommended to use firmer mattress which can support them more. Stomach sleepers usually end up sleeping on their stomachs because of lower back pain.

Most people tend to sleep in all three postures as they twist and turn on their beds. The best mattress for that kind of sleep is a memory foam mattress which has high motion isolation while being firm and soft enough for all kinds of sleepers.

Memory foam mattresses are recommended by experts as the ideal mattress that is ergonomic and comfortable while helping provide relief to those afflicted with back pain. It is the best on the market in keeping the alignment of your spine preventing and reducing back pain and discomfort by providing ideal lumbar support. The best part about memory foam mattresses is the fact that it can come in different densities so you can find soft, medium and firm versions to cater to your specific needs.

There are many different kinds of mattresses out there but just stop and think for a second before you spring for the cheap mattress. A mattress is an investment and can have lasting effects on your life. Whether that effect is positive or negative is up to you.