To succeed in e-commerce you need to find the best products to sell, especially those trending and highly demanded by consumers. In the sleeping niche, here are the Best Sleeping Products To Sell Online. These products are especially convenient for online sale since so many are available through numerous brands that offer proffessional droppshing services to online stores.


Mattresses are always in demand. In this day and age, the evolution of technology has conquered even the most mundane everyday products. Nowadays there are high-tech mattresses to meet the different needs of consumers. These include mattresses that track sleeping habits, contain pressure stabilizers, there are those with an auto temperature setting and can cool down during summer or heat up during winter. There are also those with an inbuilt vibration system. The options are vast and unlimited. The best way to make money from these is with an affiliate program, not drop shipping.


Like mattresses, beds are also always in demand. Children get bigger, people move into bigger homes and opt for new furniture, old beds get replaced by new ones, peoples tastes and preferences change, one may buy a double bed in preference from the single bed they had. There are endless reasons as to why people continue buying beds making it a lucrative product to sell online. Technology in beds has also evolved over the years. New products are introduced every year to satisfy the variable needs of all kinds of consumers. Some high-tech beds on the market include sonic beds, tranquility pods, home theater beds among others.

Beddings and accessories

There is also always a constant demand for beddings, pillows, bedsheets, pillow cases, and comforters. In fact anyone who buys a bed or mattress is most likely to buy beddings and other accesories. These items usually go hand in hand. There are a variety of styles for these products around, from linen, cotton to silk. From ordinary products to high-tech products.

Night masks

Night masks offer a valuable solution to a persistent problem and have recently seen an increase in sales in online stores. Night masks block excess light for sensitive sleepers who find it hard to sleep at any hint of light. They are also very convinient for beauty sleepers looking for a beauty rest.


Yes books sell surprisingly well online, especially in the sleeping market. In fact it is believed that one of Emeka Ossai’s best selling books is a sleeping book. You can read more in this Self Publishing Blueprint Review

Sleep trackers

Sleep trackers have a variety of functions, they track sleeping habits and can give stats concerning one’s night sleep patterns. Some also track breathing patterns and snoring. Sleep tracking devices have become must have tech for many people. Lots of people continue experimenting with the different products on the market making sleep trackers a trending product.

Air purifiers

These clean dust, pollen and allergens from the room, allowing one to breath in clean air in their sleep. They are also crystal quiet to avoid disrupting sleep.

Ear plugs

Ear plugs muffle loud noises to enable undisrupted sleep. It could be traffic noise, construction noise or simply a noisy neighbour. They are a go to product for sensitive sleepers and those looking for undisrupted beauty sleep. These things are very good for drop shipping stores as they are lightweight and cheap to buy. To find a good supplier check out Hustle Life


Any room with widows needs curtains for privacy but especially to block out light. And like beds, mattresses and beddings curtains will never go out of style.